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Mass Effect 3 weekend

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Mass Effect 3 weekend

Post by igoDrMacro on Thu Mar 29, 2012 10:41 am

The last multiplayer event for Mass Effect 3 asked players to survive all Reaper waves on silver difficulty, kill as many Brutes as possible, and extract to safety. The prize was a victory box full of random goodies and a powerful N7 weapon. The second event, codenamed “RAPTOR,” kicks off this weekend.

This weekend the entire online Mass Effect 3 community is tasked with promoting as many characters of possible into their single player games. When you hit the level 20 cap with a character in multiplayer you have the option of porting them into your solo campaign as a war asset that will improve your galactic readiness and give you better odds against the Reapers. If the online community does this with 150,000 characters, everyone will get a Victory box filled with randomised goodies.

If you promote two level 20 characters you’ll receive an additional Commendation Pack. There’s no word on what they’ll contain.



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