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What a crazy week

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What a crazy week

Post by Admin on Sat May 19, 2012 3:50 pm

How is everyone!? Been a crazy week with the release of Diablo III, as I knew it would be. So much going on in gaming this week I can't wait for tonight's podcast! I have been sucked in to the depths of Hell that is Diablo III, if you did not pick it up, but are interested I have a few trial passes. I cannot recommend this game enough, however the graphics requirements are up there a bit, a GTX 550ti or a 6670 are the lowest cards that can run the game on high settings with no issues, with that said you can run the game with much less of a card at lower settings.

Yesterday kicked off MLG's Spring Arena II, as everyone knows I am a huge fan of SC2 and MLG, because of my D3 purchase I was not able to buy a pass to this weekends MLG. However I do have Gold membership and will be watching the Spring Championship June 8-10th and cannot wait! Been keeping tabs on the results over the last two days, sounds like DRG vs Polt was one of the most epic games anyone can recall in recent memory, can't wait to see the VOD for that one!

Also looking for more local events, anywhere in the Midwest. If you know of an event or are planning one please feel free to promote on the site, or let me know and I will for you, this may also include just saying hey lets play xx game! Part of making this community stronger is keeping up with all the local events and getting everyone involved! One of the unfortunate things I have ran into, is that there are plenty of events across Iowa/Nebraska/etc but by the time I find out about them they are started or over. Will be attempting to get more information about more events sooner as time goes on. With that said I have a lot to do today to prepare for tonight's cast, should have it posted late tonight or sometime tomorrow depending how late it goes.

Game on!

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