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Iowa Gamers Online Podcast Episode 12

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Iowa Gamers Online Podcast Episode 12

Post by Admin on Sun May 20, 2012 11:37 am

IGO Episode 12: D3 week is here!

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Episode 12 Notes:

Aprils top selling PSN Titles

Top 5 PSN and ps3 full
1.I Am Alive (75)
2.Journey (92)
3.Skullgirls (82)
4.The Walking Dead: The Game Episode 1. (83)
5.House of the Dead 4 (77)

Top 3 PS Vita Games
1.Escape plan
2.Pinball arcade
3.Tales from Space: Mutant blobs attack

Top 3 PS3 Add-ons
1.COD MW3- collection 1
2.MLB 12 RTS Training Points (600)
3. COD Black Opa Rezurrection: content Pack 4

Top 3 PSONE classics
2RE: 2
3.RE 3 Nemisis

Max Payne 3 scores a 9.25 from GameInformer

StarFox/Metroid on Wii-U (rumor)

Game of Thrones scores a 6.00 from GameInformer

One last chance to change your BattleTag

Diablo III Server Status Android App

Diablo III Hardware Test

IGO's Youtube Channel

New Releases coming this week
1.Ghost Recon Future Soldier (PS3/360)
2.Dragons Dogma (PS3/360)
3.Socery (PS3)

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