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Patch 1.02 around the corner, ideas for 1.03 revealed

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Patch 1.02 around the corner, ideas for 1.03 revealed

Post by igoMOTTZILLA on Mon May 28, 2012 6:51 pm

Patch 1.02 will occur sometime soon, this patch has been in the works since the launch of Diablo 3 and will include some service issue fixes. Patch 1.03 is also in the works which will work more on game balancing. Blizzard also gave assurance that there will not be a nerf every day, following the Lingering Fog, Boon of Protection, and Force Armor hotfixes. They felt they where to powerful and their impact on class balance and how each class was perceived warranted the quick fix.

There has also been some troubles with some classes,with certain skills, being able to progress through Inferno easier than intended. This caused some classes that where on par seem very underpowered and actually turned some away from them.If a certain class relies on a single skill or rune, it is working against Blizzards goal of encouraging build diversity, and need to be corrected. This brings up the new "Upcoming changes" post in the general section of the forum, which is where all new announcements of patches and changes will be revealed before they happen so players know that their classes will be affected.Another fix that will be made is the spikiness of health drain on Inferno, which should be very consistent.

In general patch 1.03 is looking to support and promote build diversity; continue to ensure that a mix of champion packs, rare packs, and boss fights are the most efficient way to acquire the best items in the game; and ensure that all classes are viable in Inferno.

Inferno has been blasted by many members around the community about its "one shot" deaths. This is actually due to insufficient gear selection by the player, and returning to the previous act to farm would be the best to help you survive.

Legendary weapons have also had alot of feedback, mostly to do with the realitve power of the items.Legendary items are not designed to necessarily be the best items in the game, they are just an additional type while you level up and are not necessarily the items you chase for end-game. They are indeed exciting to find but not the driving force of the treasure hunt. Some rare weapons will put up better numbers to that of legendary, by design.

1.03 will also include fixes to the artisans which includes an adjustment to Blacksmith costs for training (gold and pages) and crafting from levels 1-59, and reduce the cost of combining gems so that it only requires two gems instead of three (up to Flawless Square).



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Re: Patch 1.02 around the corner, ideas for 1.03 revealed

Post by Admin on Tue May 29, 2012 4:55 pm

In addition to talking about the upcoming changes in class balance, Blizzard released a series of Diablo III facts. Here are some highlights; check out the post for the complete list.

* On average players have created three characters each
* 54% of Hardcore players chose a female character
* The majority of Hardcore deaths (35%) occur in Act I Normal
* The most common level 60 build in the game is only used by 0.7% of level 60 characters of that class (not including Passive diversity)
* 80% of characters are between levels 1 and 30
* 1.9% of characters have unlocked Inferno difficulty
* The most used runes for each class at level 60 are Barbarian: Best Served Cold, Demon Hunter: Lingering Fog, Wizard: Mirror Skin, Monk: Peaceful Repose, Witch Doctor: Numbing Dart

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