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DayZ Version Update Changelog

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DayZ Version Update Changelog

Post by igoMOTTZILLA on Sat Jun 23, 2012 2:33 am

version (Hotfix)

HOTFIX : 19 JUNE 2012

Use (arma2) Beta patch 93825 or above

Affected addons:

dayz_equip 1.3.3
dayz_weapons 1.3.2

Developer's Note:

A designation of [NEW] doesn't necessarily mean a new feature, 4chan, it means a change in operation not directly related to a bug. Could be for better performance or rebalancing.


[NEW] Infected raycast for line-of-sight less often (improves performance)
[FIXED] Infected can see through terrain ( )
[FIXED] Raycasting being taken from wrong body position (ensured it is from eye level)
[FIXED] Infected sometimes spawn close to a player (previous check once, now up to ten times)
[NEW] Infected bodies will despawn after 5 minutes of their death (improves performance)
[FIXED] Sometimes infected will stand still after losing line-of-sight ( )
[FIXED] Can dupe tent's by right clicking (forgot to close the window)
[FIXED] Poor performance caused by infected search behavior (MAJOR performance increase during closed testing)
[FIXED] Audibility is far too high (completely rebalanced, in line with how it was in previous updates)
[FIXED] Can dupe food during cooking if you'd click really fast (now you cannot)
[FIXED] Trying to pick up a hatchet would create fake ammo (now will not)
[FIXED] Hatchet takes up too much room (can now be transferred between toolbelt and primary slot through gear action)
[REVERT] Hatchet now collected as an Item (toolbelt) and can be equipped to primary (gear action)
[NEW] Flashlights can now be packed to toolbelt as well (gear action)
[NEW] New players will spawn with flashlight added to their toolbelt not backpack
[FIXED] Infected sometimes not inspecting thrown items (they will walk to the location of a noise, 20-40m away)
[FIXED] Unlimited Infected spawning (now has a cooldown enabled so it won't spawn too many at once)
[FIXED] Melee weapon sounds non-existent/terrible (now has placeholder sounds)



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