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any interest in joining or creating a team?

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any interest in joining or creating a team?

Post by igoDrMacro on Thu Aug 23, 2012 5:11 pm

A few ideas about leagues/tournaments:
I have been kicking around the idea with a few others about a Starcraft 2 league. Playing once a week or so no cost no prize; but for fun. Seems like this idea has been coming together real quickly over on Starcast, and thought I will get together my own team/or teams for the leauge. So if you are interested in playing (any league/level), let me know by posting in this thread. They are still talking about the details but most support option so far seems to be teams of 5 or 6, each player on the team a different league, then play 1v1 (GSTL style)elimination.

Also, the HLeSports LoL online open is coming soon as well as the Starcraft 2 online open if you are interested in forming a team for LoL, or playing in SC2, post in this thread to find others, or let me know if you already have!



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