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Anonymous leaps out of its hiding spot, now after Zynga

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Anonymous leaps out of its hiding spot, now after Zynga

Post by igoMOTTZILLA on Mon Oct 29, 2012 2:39 pm

It has been awhile since we heard of any activity from Anonymous, until today that is.One member of the group posted a message on its channel threatening Zynga for its outrageous treatment of employees and developers. This is due to the large layoff Zynga is currently planning, and Anonymous will have none of it. The member of the group gave Zynga until Nov 5th to stop its layoff plan, if not confidential documents would be released. On top of thathe claimed he had taken games from the company server and would release them to the public for free. Not looking so good for them, already dealing with a lawsuit from EA on the game "The Ville".



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