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Go down's 2013 No DRM Summer Sale -- Until July 5th

Post by TStodden on Tue Jun 18, 2013 1:32 pm


I got word from a friend about it, so I thought anybody who's interested in saving some money might want to check it out as well.

Good Old Game's ( is having their 2013 No DRM Summer Sale from NOW until July 5th.  Here's the rundown of the sale.

1) Majority of their catalog is 50% off.

While this excludes their most recent releases, there's over 500 games in their catalog from the DOS era to the present that's half off their already reasonable prices.  This brings the price range for most games in the $3 - $5 range with newer titles being considerably higher (but still half-off).

2) Select titles will be up to 90% off on a 24-hour day sale.
Certain select titles / bundles will be offered at a higher discount for a 24-hour period for extra savings.  The catch with the bundles is that you have to buy the entire bundle to get the full discount (otherwise it's only 50% the titles), but they usually bundle games that are similar to each other or part of a series.

3) Torchlight is FREE until June 20th
For you freeloaders & those who aren't familiar with Good Old Game's services, they're giving away Torchlight ($15 value) for FREE until June 20th.  For those who love the Diablo series, you'll definitely enjoy this game... even if it seems to be a budget knock-off of Diablo.  It's a must get

If you don't like Torchlight or miss this freebie, does have a small collection of titles that they give away so that new users can try out their services without spending a penny (in hopes that you like their services & buy some games there).

As being a customer I can assure you a few things.

1) All their games are DRM FREE
-- While you don't get Steam keys (as Steam does has DRM), they give you the full game (including DLC, manuals & extras) without any DRM measures in them.  You just download the game from your library (you can re-download titles as many times as needed) & install it on any computer you like.

While you should only install the game on systems you actually own, they run on the honor system for installations... so they can't track you down if you share with friends (just keep it a secret).

2) All games are designed / adapted to run on current PC's -- staff has done all the work to modify & tweak the old games to work on current systems so you don't have to worry about how to run a game through DosBox or find that CD-ROM disc back from the late 1990's to play the game & HOPE that it still works.  All you have to do is install, run & enjoy.

3) Prices are very reasonable
-- The old games in's catalog generally go between $6 - $10 / ea. while the newest releases are considerably higher (generally around normally retail prices).  These types of sales makes those games even more irresistible, especially when you've played some of those titles in the past.

Again, check them out, snag from freebies & possibly pick up some titles you loved in the past.

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Re:'s 2013 No DRM Summer Sale -- Until July 5th

Post by igoDrMacro on Wed Jun 19, 2013 10:25 am

guess there is no reason for me not to grab Torchlight Smile



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