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Tribes: Ascend Beta

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Tribes: Ascend Beta

Post by igoMOTTZILLA on Sun Mar 11, 2012 5:54 pm

Tribes is back, carrying which seems to be most of the classic games with it!! Tribes and I go back a ways, 2004 to be exact. In those days I was the free game horde, I would go on-line to download any free game that would satisfy my gaming needs. This is how tribes became my favorite shooter, and to this day I remember having the ski mod installed and playing paintball game mode. I soon got hooked and ended up playing all the games in the series. I was always waiting for a new one to come out but it never came. Recently, I learned of Tribes: Ascend and downloaded the beta. I started up the game and was amazed, tribes was back. I loved seeing the ski feature put into the game and the game as a whole pretty much how I remember it. I was disappointed to see match making servers, but not enough to make me hate it. As soon as that first match started I knew that I would be coming back to play. It was just how I remember generators power your turrets vehicle stations and repair facilities. Anyone who likes first person shoots and wants a break from all the other games, this one definitely needs to get checked out. N4G has given the beta a review already it scored a 8.4, which I believe is a fair score.



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